We would like to answer the most common question. WHICH ART PACKAGE IS SUITABLE FOR MY KIDS
We have he following packages: 2, 3, 4, 5, Supersize Awesome, Pouring paint and modelling clay at

👉 Package 2 and Package 4:
Suitable for students starting out as it contains high quality easels and aprons. Package 2 contains oil pastels and clay so your child can do craft activities as well. Package 4 is more for students who are into painting as it contains a large amount of high quality paints
👉 Package 3:
Art supply for students who are into paintings. It contains lots of paints, canvases…
👉 Package 5:
Art supplies for students who are into drawing, sketching as it contains lots of high quality sketching pencils.
👉 Supersize Awesome:
This is ALL-IN-ONE package for students who want to experience a bit of everything. He/she can do sketching, painting, drawing, crafts, clay modelling etc…
👉 Pouring paints:
It contains enough materials to pour 30 paints. This package provides the most amount of pouring paints in the market. It is designed that way so that you can experiment so many types of pouring techniques as mentioned in the instructional workbook
👉 Modelling clay:
It contains 2.0 kg of high quality polymer clay of different colours. No one in the market offering such values. There so many things you can do with these clays (jewelry, miniature succulents etc…)…Follow our instructional workbook to expand your creativity.