Creative Kids: Merge Holographic Cube, DIY Drone Kit And Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide


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This kit is so brilliant that we recommend to every parents. You have 3 kits in one…

Kit 1: Merge Holographic Cube

Kit 2: Circuit Scribe Drone DIY Builder Kit

Kit 3: Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide


Merge Holographic Cube:

Introducing your child about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Used by hundreds of schools to engage kids to explore math, science, anatomy, engineering and more. Merge Cubes are one of the hottest new trends in Educational Technology at the moment. Integrating AR/VR principles, a merge cube allows you to hold a hologram IN YOUR HAND!! The Merge Cube is basically a Augmented Reality trigger. Each side of the cube has a distinct pattern which is recognized by the Merge Cube suite of apps. When a Merge Cube app is launched and you aim your digital device at the cube you activate a variety of Augmented Reality Experiences.
Simply download Cube apps onto your smart phones or tables (compatible devices), point device at the Cube and watch the Cube transforms before your eyes

Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit:

Build and fly your own drone with friends as the Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit

Power your cardboard arms with conductive silver ink and connect your drones  hub and motors. Download the controller app and take to the skies!

The app includes easy-to-fly hover takeoff and landing modes or test your skills with full manual joystick control.

Use the included pre-made plastic arms for testing or make your own arm designs with the included extra cardboard.

Each Drone Kit includes:

  • Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen
  • 4 motors and 8 propellers
  • Drone hub with on-board camera
  • Battery and battery charger
  • iOS & Android controller app download
  • Arms

Arms include

  • Cardboard arms to fill in traces with conductive ink
  • Blank cardboard to create your own arms
  • Pre-made plastic arms for testing



Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide:

This project is based on the fundamentals of gravity, centrifugal force and banking. The kit contains all the elements needed to assemble the Roller Coaster Marble Slide. A mix of slider game and pool table, this project is loads of fun to build and play. Once built, a kid can raise marbles along the wheel, and release them. As the marble slides down the track, they can aim the marble with the help of levers on the two sides. On the marble-pool part of the game, kids can place marbles in such a way that the striker marble coming from the slide track hits them and the strike sends them in the corner or side pockets. For Ages: 8 years and older D.I.Y. Time: 60 min | Play Time: Unlimited Skills Developed: Analytical Skills, Creativity, Motor Skills, Practical Skills – (includes richly illustrated, easy-to-understand, step-by-step Instruction Booklet)

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